Lawless: Chapter 59

Fifty Nine



Qi Xiu Yuan knew that this woman was Sun Ze Yu’s subordinate. At first, he did not want to pay any attention to her, but now in the presence of Susu, he had no choice but to shake her hand.

Once he lifted his head to look at her, he thought that this woman’s expression was sheltered and strange, provoking him to give her a few more glances. Continue reading


Lawless: Chapter 57

Fifty Seven



In his dream, Qi Xiu Yuan saw himself chasing after something. He was running inside a dark and gloomy cave that was completely decorated with thick vines. Once he got to the end, he rushed passed a long, dazzling gold river that shone so bright that anyone looking at it would find it hard to open their eyes. Nearing the end of it, he then burst into one gorgeous hall after the next until an ear-piercing noise rung out incessantly within his vicinity. And, accompanying that, several hands, ranging in various colors appeared in front of him as he continued along the way. But even with all these adversaries trying to obstruct him, he did everything he could and ran, never once stopping. Continue reading

Lawless: Chapter 56

Fifty Six



There were two cars parked outside and the driver was waiting at the doorway. Once he saw Xiao Li come down, he immediately opened the umbrella to receive him. A Long did not bring an umbrella either so without any other option, he risked it and ran out towards the back of the car. Continue reading

Lawless: Chapter 55

Fifty Five



When Xiao Li finished this sentence, he did not raise his head but instead he let it hang low as he held tightly onto Qi Xiu Yuan. From this angle, he can clearly make out the distinctive lines that contoured the side his face. The bruise that aligned his eye was made more obvious by the array of colors and the bone that created his jawline was more prominent as he clenched his teeth. And although, the blood that gushed out of battered lips had congealed, there was still an unyielding sense of stubbornness shielding it.  Continue reading

Lawless: Chapter 54

Fifty Five



Li Shi Qing pressed closer to Xiao Li in an effort to make him collapse and tremble under his body. When the palm of his hand felt wet and a satisfied expression spread across his face, he sucked on Xiao Li’s ear and softly said, “I’m the only one that would never sacrifice you no matter what happens.” Continue reading

Lawless: Chapter 53

Fifty Three



The moment he saw Xiao Li and Qi Xiu Yuan’s gaze locked, the bitter coldness on Li Shi Qing’s face increased even more. He narrowed his eyes and slowly moved his hand that was on Xiao Li’s chin up to cover his eyes. Then as he spoke, his tone became gentle instead, “Xiao Li, in the end, you still blame me for being heartless and not saving your brother for the sake of the gang. I’ll prove it to you now that everyone is the same. Even this bastard that you’ve fallen for is the same.” Continue reading

Lawless: Chapter 51

Fifty One



From the beginning, Qi Xiu Yuan did not have the time to response nor the strength to resist the attack.

When he first got to the bathroom, he rinsed himself, then washed the towel. While cleaning his member, he started to think about Xiao Li lying on his bed, and before long, he had to clean himself again. Continue reading

Lawless: Chapter 50




After a long while, Xiao Li moved. As if disliking the fact that Qi Xiu Yuan pressed so heavily on him, he used the same amount of strength to flip Qi Xiu Yuan over and pine him down beneath him again. One of his brows rose while a smile played out on his lips as he looked down at him deviously. Then he kissed his cheeks and lightly smiled again before speaking with a hoarse voice. Continue reading