Lawless Gangster



《不法之徒》by Bai Shan Hei Shui

[Official ENG TRANS]

Original Novel Title:Lawless Gangster

Genre: Action, Romance, Modern Time

Summary:  What was meant to be a quick breakage of their sibling’s relationship, brought about a  lingering memory of Xiao Li’s piercing gaze, imprinting itself in Qi Xiu Yuan’s heart. Several encounters later, friendship was the underlying word to start off their relationship, yet for Qi Xiu Yuan it had always been something more. Something stronger. For Xiao Li, who had only known the criminal world, how will he take on feelings that he had never felt before.

The bold line that separate the gang member–Xiao Li and the teacher–Qi Xiu Yuan, which path will allow them to meet in the middle?

Disclaimer:I do not own “Lawless Gangster” or any of its content. It belongs solely to the author, Bai Shan Hei Shui. But, I do have her permission to officially translate this novel.

Screenshot of the author’s message to me: “Hello,  I just saw your private message right now. I’m really sorry for making you wait for so long! I’m also very ecstatic that you like my novel and I’m more than willing to give you authorization to translate. I wish you the best in your journey of translating of this!”

She is so very lovely <3<3<3<3<3

My goal in undertaking this translation project is to  bring the English translation of the novel to readers that do not speak or understand Mandarin Chinese. All works are done purely out of my interest and love for the novel and characters depicted. I am not seeking to gain any monetary profit from this.  This is a fictional novel that contains depiction of homosexual relationships and explicit content for 18+. Reader’s discretion is advised.

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