Are you Addicted?

《你丫上瘾了》by Chai Ji Dan
[unofficial ENG TRANS]

Translators:Sae, Sienna, Nancy, [Estreline & Grantye -hiatus]
Editor:Sae, Jowly (Alec – hiatus)
Genre:Romance, Modern Time, Drama


Disclaimer:We, the translators and editors, do not own “Are you Addicted” or any of its content. Our goal in undertaking this translation project is to  bring the English translation of the novel to readers that do not speak or understand Mandarin Chinese. All works are done purely out of our interest and love for the novel and characters depicted. We do not seek to gain any monetary profit from this.  This is a fictional novel that contains depiction of homosexual relationships and explicit content for 18+. Reader’s discretion is advised.

Find original novel in the link below. The site splits the two novels into three sections, beginning, middle and end.

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Opening excerpt:


Some people are like DRUGS
Once you get a TASTE of THEM,

《You have ME.》- Bai Luo Yin
《Yin Zi, I only have you. YOU are all my HAPPINESS.》- Gu Hai