Lawless: Chapter 79

Seventy Nine – END


Three police cars parted ways at a fork in the road, and the car carrying Qi Xiu Yuan and Xiao Li made a turn toward the other direction. The driver looked back and said, “You two really are……that something, huh?”

Li Shi Qing has never felt so miserable. With Xiao Li’s departure, it was like a large portion of his vitality was taken away, making it seem as if he has aged ten years because of this.Read More »


Lawless: Chapter 78

Seventy Eight


Xiao Li and Qi Xiu Yuan walked over to the car where Li Shi Qing and his bodyguards were tied up in. They opened the back door first to let the bodyguards out who—unsurprisingly wore an unsightly expression, especially upon having witnessed the scene that was meant to be the gang’s secret—knew full well that there wasn’t going to be a good ending for neither of them. However, Xiao Li said something to them and seeing as they were somehow pardon from all the confusion, they flee toward the direction into the city. One of them had even stumbled several times, mostly likely after having been frightened until his knees weakened. Read More »

Lawless: Chapter 77

Seventy Seven


The position that Li Shi Qing and Yan Ming stood allowed them to take in the whole scene all at once.

In the split second that everything happened, the person that was supporting Lu Wu from behind, reached his hand out to touch his neck before he started to slowly collapsed. Chen Wu—who was standing beside him—immediately raised his hand. Since he has a tall physique, even his slight movement could be seen by everyone present. With his signal, someone suddenly revealed a weapon, and the sound bang, bang, bang, along with a burst of urgent screams resonated. As quickly as it happened, it ended with seven or eight people collapsed in a pool of blood.Read More »

Lawless: Chapter 76

Seventy Six


Li Shi Qing did not have any reaction toward that sentence at all. He only stared at Lu Wu and sneered then simply laughed.

“What are you laughing at?” Lu Wu asked with interest.

“I’m laughing at you Wu Ye, your death is near yet you don’t even know it.” Li Shi Qing readily replied.Read More »

Lawless: Chapter 75

Seventy Five


On the road back into the city, Li Shi Qing was intercepted as a row of cars with their high beam headlights on lined up at the roundabout on the spacious and empty pavement, waiting for him in a rather grand gesture.

This time, the driver was Ah Long. He uttered a bitter curse then pressed hard on the accelerator, frantically increasing the speed of the car. As he steered the wheel just the slightest, he fiercely held on to the brake clutch. Seeing that the car was about to collide head on into the car stationed in the middle of the road, Ah Long immediately turned the steering wheel, he pulled the hand brake. As the piercing sound of the tires screeched against the ground, the car abruptly took a wide drift and missed the collision. After the car came to a stop, the driver of the other car waited for them to take off again.Read More »

Lawless: Chapter 74

Seventy Four


Qi Xiu Yuan felt like he could not keep himself calm at all. Since the moment Xiao Li stooped down to look up at him with brightened eyes that looked as if all his dream had come true, and his voice was low yet full of determination as he said to him, ‘Qi Xiu Yuan, I am willing to.’ he felt as though he had been dreaming.

At that time, he had absent-mindedly listened to Xiao Li plotting out his plan with the police; listened to him give his men a call; infatuatedly and bewilderedly got in the elevator with him, watched the lounge bustled with words of power, then he felt as though he was floating along the wind as Xiao Li pushed him toward a black box style car and carefully helped him into the back seat.Read More »

Lawless: Chapter 73

Seventy Three


“It’s only natural that Xiao Li would know more about their internal affairs but you also need to act appropriately. Don’t let him lead you around by the nose.”

After Sun Ze Yu finished speaking, he hung up the call with Wu Qing Hua and quickly dialed another number. “Lu Wu,” he simply stated, “Xiao Li is making his move ahead of time…. all of a sudden means all of a sudden. Since he has started, we have to catch up with him. Then let me make it clear to you, Li Shi Qing did not kill Yan Ming. He had him placed in a mental institute research center at the outskirt of the city. When I had asked you for manpower before, it was to let them go there to cause a disturbance and pretend to save Yan Ming just to draw Li Shi Qing out there…. don’t mention it, that’s for something else. I want him to leave the city for at least an hour. It’s all good now so let your men surround him. Xiao Li and I will take care of things in the city, and everything else will go as planned. Is there any problem? …okay, set out.”Read More »